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Powerful hearing aid helps treat Lajan's severe hearing loss

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Guatemala 2017

In January 2017 the team helped over 546 adults and children while in Guatemala.


The Entheos team made up of 30 Audiologists and volunteers traveled to Guanajachal, Guatemala to treat over 750 children and adults. The team organized ear cleaning and hygiene clinics, administered hearing tests, and fit custom ear molds and hearing aids.

Many of these areas are remote and difficult to access so this was the first opportunity the community had to hearing healthcare. Many of our patients donated used instruments or made monetary donations to help make this mission trip a success. Thank you for your generosity and for bringing hearing smiles to the people of Guatemala.


Hearing Partners of South Florida has teamed up with the Entheos Audiology Cooperative, and Life for Relief and Development to help provide hearing aids to disadvantaged children and adults in other parts of the world. In May and September 2015, Dr. Nimet Adam participated in a trip to five refugee camps in Jordan, where, along with other audiologists and volunteers from around the US, they helped bring the gift of hearing to over 600 hundred children and adults.

Through the Entheos cooperative, all hearing aid sales through Hearing Partners are matched in kind by various manufacturers that support our vision to help the world hear.

Ear Peace Foundation

We are ambassadors for the Ear Peace Foundation. For more information on this amazing program, click the link below.

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