Hearing Aid Fittings

Once you have completed a Hearing Evaluation and your audiologists has made a recommendation for the best prescriptive technology that would benefit your specific hearing.

After prescriptive technology is selected, the audiologist will place a new order and schedule a fitting appointment. Your new technology will be programmed specifically to your customized needs and exact specifications.

We will counsel you in the following areas:
  • How to properly insert and remove your hearing aids
  • How to change the filters and domes
  • How to change batteries
  • How to clean the hearing aids
  • How to adjust volume control to comfortable levels
  • How to use accessory items
  • How to store your hearing aids

At Hearing Partners, we want you to be completely comfortable with your new hearing aids.

What can I expect when wearing them?

If it is your first time using hearing aids, everything will sound a little different. It takes some time for your brain to adjust to hearing sounds that you may have been missing. Your new quality hearing aids will allow you to understand speech more clearly and provide volume.

Our audiologists will ask you a number of questions and perform some quick tests to ensure you are getting the most out of your hearing aids. We will adjust the aids so your hearing is clear and comfortable.

What if I need an adjustment?

Your hearing healthcare is a continuing process. We schedule routine follow-up appointments, however if you feel like you need an adjustment just call our office to request an appointment. We want you to keep active and enjoy the always hear the sounds around you.

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