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Hearing Partners Leasing Advantage

The Hearing Partners Leasing Advantage is a 36-month lease that allows you to pay for your hearing aid over a 3-year period. There is no large up-front cost and no reason to put off improving your hearing. Similar to a leasing a car, you will not own your hearing aids at the end of the lease. You will have the option to:

  • Return your hearing aids and do nothing.
  • Purchase your hearing aids at a pre-determined cost.
  • Lease a new set of hearing aids and upgrade your technology.

Leasing gives you the advantage of:

  • Making payments over time- perfect for anyone on a fixed income.
  • Keeping you in up-to-date technology so that you are not stuck with old technology.
  • A feeling of security- your devices will always be under repair warranty and all your services are included for the life of the lease.

Give the Gift of Hearing Today!

At the end of your lease, your hearing aids will be refurbished and donated to our non profit organization Hearing the Call.

Treat Yourself to Premium Hearing Health as low as

$63 a month *

*Application fee may apply

Peace of Mind

  • Premium quality hearing aids
  • Full service package included
  • Upgraded technology every 3 years
  • Full term Repair Warranty
  • Rechargeable Battery Kit and/or accessories included (based on technology)
  • Perfect option for fixed income or if no insurance hearing aid benefit is available

Flexible Payment Options

  • 36 Low Monthly Payments
  • End of Term Purchase or Technology Up-Grade Options Available
  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee
  • No Pre-Payment Penalties
  • Loss & Damage Replacement Coverage for the Duration of the Lease
Standard Level

$63 per

Advanced Plus

$83 per


$98 per

Premium Plus

$113 per

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