Real Ear Measurement (REM)

Many patients are reading about the importance of Real Ear Measurement (REM) in verifying hearing aid fittings.

What it is?

Real ear measurement helps to customize your hearing aids, based on the pitch and volume of the sound they pick up. Without this measure, the audiologist is just going off of the manufacturer default.

How is it performed?

  1.  A small flexible microphone probe is placed into your ear canal with the hearing aid.
  2.  Measurements are taken, incorporating the size and shape of your ear canals, with your hearing loss data and the settings of your  hearing aid.
  3.  While this is running, the audiologist is reviewing the data and making custom changes to your settings.

Why is it important?

Studies have shown that the default manufacturer settings can vary drastically for the needs of a patient.

That’s because:

  • The microphones and speakers vary slightly in every hearing aid, and no two have exactly the same output
  • The placement of the microphones varies on every person’s head
  • Every person’s head and ear is a different size and shape, and so they each shape the sound differently as it comes in to the ear.

To learn more or to schedule your own REM testing contact Hearing Partners of South Florida.

Delray 561-638-6530          Boynton 561-736-6002          Jupiter 561-888-7260


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