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What a great office filled with people who smile and act like they genuinely want to help you. I am impressed at the thoroughness and how professional I have been treated. Having recently moved here from the Charlotte area I am thrilled to have found this office. Dr Seldine helped me with a new hearing test and adjusting my hearing aids. Explained everything thoroughly and took the time to make sure I understood the results and what I might expect going forward. He is excellent.
Arthur Hogge
00:45 12 May 18
My experience at Hearing Partners was wonderful. My hearing aids have opened a whole new world for me. Both Dr. Adams and Kelsey made me feel very comfortable. I've known for some time that I did have some hearing loss, but was putting off that first visit to an audiologist. Now I really see the difference and no longer have to pretend to hear. Thank you Dr. Adams and Kelsey.
Stan Goodman
16:34 04 Jun 18
Excellent service! They took me in as an emergency walk in and received 1st rate treatment. Facility is 5 star. I highly recommend. Kelly was extremely professional.
Bradley Browne
19:19 25 Apr 18
I absoutely loved this office. They made me feel good and safe the whole time. It was my first time getting my hearing checked and tested for vertigo and the whole process was with ease and care .I mostly loved the audiologist . She was funny and got all the built up wax out of my ear with ease. The doctor and his staff made you feel good and well taken care of.
Denise Murray
14:30 25 Apr 18
I am very happy I found Hearing Partners . The entire staff was very friendly and helpful. I know my hearing needs will be well taken care of here.
Gale Mendes
20:51 01 Jun 18
I've been seeing Dr. Adams for several years and she is just wonderful to work with. Any complaint I may have had, she's right there to help me...even at times when it wasn't that easy to do so.I've bought several hearing aids over the years and she always connected me with the ones that best fit my needs. I've bought hearing aids from other audiologists and was never satisfied.All the personnel at Hearing Partners are very courteous, helpful and delightful. I would recommend Hearing Partners wholeheartedly and would definitely give it an excellent rating.
Mildred Jaffe
20:47 12 Jun 18
It was an great experience, from the first phone call. I felt very comfortable and welcome when i was greeted in the lobby. The doctor was both professional and patient with all my mothers questions and objections. Once we got through the testing the doctor made recommendations that would best suit her needs. The treatment plan included our family's part as well. I will recommend Hearing Partners to anyone with hearing or balance issues. Thank you Hearing Partners.
15:24 16 Aug 18
Great experience! The staff was friendly and very accommodating! The doctor was very thorough. The only downside was finding the place!
Shelley Marcus
13:21 09 Aug 18
About five years ago, Dr. Adam changed my life. I had given up on hearing aids but she found the perfect brand for me and fine-tuned them until I was hearing like a 10-year-old! On follow-up visits, she makes sure that any issues I might have are dealt with swiftly and skillfully. I'm 100% satisfied. Hearing Partners provides a wonderful experience--they don't just want to sell their products, they want to service their patients for the long term. I truly look forward to my appointments with Dr. Adam, and how often can you say that about a doctor?
Debbie Shapiro
08:28 15 Mar 20
What a delightful experience this was for me. Dr. Seldine has succeeded my expectations bringing my frustrating problem of hearing loss to an end. The patience he showed in helping me achieve my goals with my new hearing aids was awesome. I would recommend him in a heartbeat. Thanks, Doc.
Marie Toole
16:12 19 Jun 20
The knowledge and care that was provided was absolutely excellent! The doctor worked with my specific issues to help me be the most successful with my hearing loss treatment. They offer payment options which allowed me to pursue better technology. The front staff was very helpful and friendly. The service at Hearing Partners is excellent every time I go in! Thank you. Skyy
17:16 19 Nov 19
It was absolutely great! Super knowledgeable, kind and caring group of doctors. They really worked with my father, the primary doctor as well as family to get things just right for my father. we wouldn't consider any other audiology group but Hearing Partners. Thank you.
Agota Perez
23:16 11 Mar 19
A very pleasant experience. I had some difficulty in obtaining forms from my primary care doctor’s office. WENDY, the office manager at HEARING PARTNERS went out of her way to assist me. Her competency in dealing with the bureaucracy was invaluable. Every office should have a Wendy. My hearing was evaluated by DR. SELDINE. He made it an informative experience by explaining all the intricacies of the tests and the differences of the methods. His explanation of the results were very detailed. His competency was very reassuring. I highly recommend HEARING PARTNERS, WENDY and DR. SELDINE.
Jeffrey Drogin
03:55 06 Apr 19
My visit here was great. Constantly having impacted ear wax, so dropped in to get cleaned out. They have some of the best tech in this office. All new and high end equipment to make everything simple, painless, and quick. Dr. Adams was great and explained everything thoroughly. Will be back here every 6 months.
Faisal M.
21:55 08 Jun 20
If you need hearing aids see Matthew Seldine I have had three sets of hearing aids from three different audiences And have give up on the hearing aid IndustryI did a lot of research online and found I need to go to a best practices doctor of audiology I am so glad I found Dr. Matthew Seldine.He was not the closest doctor to my home but I will never go to anyone else but him from now on!
Dan Kellermeyer
16:52 29 Jul 20
I've been a patient of Hearing Partners for quite a few years and have complete confidence in them. Their testing is so thorough, and I am so happy with the hearing aids and all the follow up care I receive from Hearing Partners. The selection of hearing devices seems very wide ranging. I foolishly got some lower priced hearing aids from a "big box store", but after a few years of lower quality hearing aids, I returned to Hearing Partners. The difference is huge: way more testing, many options for hearing aids, and frequent follow ups to be sure I'm getting the full benefits of my hearing aids. I'll stick with Hearing Partners from now on!
Ellie R
20:23 10 Aug 20
Dr. Matthew Seldine is THE BEST! He's extremely knowledgeable, professional, kind and patient. He improved my father's hearing tremendously. We are grateful to him and his excellent team for the wonderful care they gave to our family. We appreciate the follow-up care they provide.
Loni H.
14:14 13 Aug 20
The quality of service is exceptional. I have previously bought hearing aids from Costco and from a large hearing aid specialty chain. But how well the hearing aids will work is dependent on the audiologist or technician and the choices of equipment that they offer.Costco may cost you less but that is because the models they sell are lower end models from various manufacturers and are locked for service only by Costco hearing aid centers. The technicians are limited by the equipment that they have available to sell you and if you move to an area where there is no Costco, you cannot get adjustments or repairs made .The large chains also sell locked models which are made for them by one of the larger manufacturers. The prices there are hard to compare because they are rebranded and do not necessarily have the same features as the supposedly equivalent units sold by the manufacturer under its own name. The accessories are not necessarily compatible either because of the hardware lock.Buying a hearing aid from Hearing Partners is like buying insurance from an independent agent. They sell most of the reputable brands and can get you the right model foryour specific needs. I went to Hearing Partners because I had seen reviews of a particular brand new model that promised more natural sound. None of the competing independent hearing aid stores knew anything about that model. One of Hearing Partners audiologists not only knew about it but had just completed training on the setup of that model. Meredith was that audiologist. She ran the standard hearing tests but added a test that had never been done for me before. She tested for my ability to understand speech when the background noise levels would make comprehension difficult. We ordered the hearing aids and they were ready the next week. They got them with the short cable length that I knew I needed whereas Costco had insisted that on my previous hearing aids I needed 2 sizes longer disregarding my complaints of discomfort.Meredith sent me home with the hearing aids and all the accessories to try them for a week (or 2, I don't remember at the moment) At first I was thrilled with the hearing aids, but I discovered that I would have to reset and reinstall the Bluetooth almost daily, and then the hearing aids stopped working because my ears develop a lot of wax. Meredith and I came to the conclusion that these new technology hearing aids were great on paper but weren't ready for release to the public. She recommended a hearing aid from a different manufacturer that sold for the same price. They have tester models that they sterilize between users and I would try them for a week and if I liked them then she would order me my own set. They were just what I needed. While they didn't have that special feature that had me look for that other model, they had several features that more than compensated for that one missing feature. She then ran another test that had never been run for me before. This test compared what I heard to what I should hear.The quality of service that Meredith gave me and her patience with having a customer who had ear problems that made fitting me for hearing aids more difficult than normal impressed me very much especially after having dealt with Costco where the technicians acted as though I was an inconvenience rather than a customer. I recommend Hearing Partners and in particular Meredith without any reservations.
Jerry Grynspan
14:08 13 Oct 20
I am extremely excited about being able to hear better. The people who have been working with me are very helpful and knowledgeable and patient. Hope everyone recommend come here.
Arlene Feinman
16:21 12 Nov 20
I’ve had the opportunity to be served by Dr. Seldine at Hearing Partners South Florida Delray Beach. I couldn’t be more pleased with their knowledge and service. One important service is they use real ear measurements. This is a must if you want your aids to work to their best.We have been working with a new hearing aid system called Whisper. If you are just accepting the sounds you are now getting from your hearing aids because you think that’s the way they all work you need to try Whisper. I’ve had a number of different aids but now I can truly say I love my Whisper aids. The sound is louder but the sounds are natural.
Len Broverman
21:05 29 Apr 21
Dr. Nimet Adam has been treating my mom for hearing loss over the past 10 years. Without hearing aids my mom can barely hear at all. With the caring and compassionate help of Dr. Adam, and the hearing aids that she has prescribed, my mom's hearing has steadily improved over the years. My mom is now 96 years old, and with the most recent hearing aids that Dr. Adam provided, she is no longer distracted by background noises and she can hear conversations easily. I highly recommend Dr. Adam as an Audiologist.
Sharon Letsch
18:34 30 Mar 21
Everyone that works there and also the Doctors are really great. When you have an appointment they take you always on time. No rushing. Enjoy the visits
Sandy M
17:03 28 Mar 21
If you need an audiologist, this is where you should go. You will get complete testing and a clear understanding of the results along with a solution plan. Dr. Adam is a true professional who is knowledgeable and caring. The entire staff is just terrific. You definitely feel valued as a patient.
Tom Hyman
14:50 29 Jan 21

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