How does Hearing Partners Give back?

Many of our patients know that we have a local non-profit called Hearing the Call -South Florida

Our non-profit provides hearing healthcare in our community to income eligible patients that would not otherwise be able to access hearing aids and services. Through our donation bank of hearing aids, we can fit patients with gently used devices so they can fully participate in life.

The Hearing Partners Team also participate in school screenings and other events throughout Florida- on humanitarian days sponsored by other Hearing the call projects in Sarasota, Ocala, Melbourne, and Cape Coral.

In addition, we offer our time, talent, and treasure to provide audiology services internationally when we go on humanitarian trips to areas that have limited or no access to hearing health. Many partners help us to get to the communities in need and with our model of relief, development, and empowerment we commit to returning to these areas so that we are creating a sustainable hearing healthcare model that can continue when we are not there.

What our patients may not realize is that Hearing Partners donates a portion of their profit to support Hearing the Call. This is how our patients can engage in the give back model. For every hearing aid we fit, Hearing Partners donates a portion to Hearing the call. By the end of 2022, we will have donated approximately $10,000 to this non-profit that we hold near and dear to our hearts. Therefore, when you or the friends and family you refer to us, do business with us, they know that they are working with a company that believes in making the world a better place. We don’t just talk about it – we do something about it.

In the month of November, we reflect on what we are grateful for and with Giving Tuesday, on November 29th, we hope that patients will give generously to this cause. Hearing Loss is an invisible disability, and it is best understood by those that also have hearing loss. Helen Keller, when asked if she could have her vision or her hearing, which would she choose? She said, “I would choose hearing because vision separates you from things, but hearing separates you from people”.

To donate to Hearing the Call go to:
Thank you for giving the gift of hearing.


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