Ken Mildworm our March Hearing Partner

Our March Hearing Partner: Ken Mildworm

We are pleased to introduce Mr. Ken Wildworm.  Ken has been in law enforcement for over 54 years and still going strong.  His early years were spent with the New York Police Department and then, he moved into the US Marshall’s Service.  Ken has spent the last 18 years of service with The Village of North Palm Beach.  Being in law enforcement he is very active not only in his community but other communities as well.  Ken is always available to community members in need.

Ken first noticed his hearing loss early on in his career after years of using and being exposed to a variety of loud weaponry.  Ken said that his wife was the first to take notice of his hearing loss, but he let things go for a while as he wasn’t sure that it was his hearing.  He thought perhaps there were other environmental issues causing him difficulty hearing.  Ken said his hearing loss was impacting him in many ways such as work, family, personal conversations, group gatherings even at the gym he was feeling unbalanced.

Today Ken is hearing better than he ever thought he could.  “I am so happy now.  I feel completely in balance. Not only can I hear people speaking to me, I even hear who is speaking behind me.  The older technology used to shut out everything except what was in front of me, so I looked silly if a waiter/waitress came from behind and I completely ignored them because I didn’t hear them”. 

Ken said once he partnered with Hearing Partners South Florida, things changed.  He was impressed with how knowledgeable the providers were and how kind and helpful the staff are.  They listened and worked with me to get the hearing aids just right.  “The hearing aids are a part of my daily routine… like a cup of coffee”.

Barbara Siegel our February Hearing Partner

Our February Hearing Partner: Barbara Siegel

Barbara is a mother of 3 children and a certified teacher assistant. In addition, her work as an office administrator required her to hear well on the telephone. Barbara’s hearing problem was having an adverse impact on her life and lifestyle. She knew that she did not hear well but waited to address her hearing loss until she was almost 60 never realizing how much she was missing in her day to day life.  We rely on our hearing everyday and Barbara took the first step to better hearing by scheduling an appointment with Hearing Partners.

With the help of highly trained audiologist, Dr. Phoebe Clouser and advanced technology in hearing aids, she can hear and understand conversations better than ever. With her new Oticon Opn hearing devices, she is experiencing better hearing. Her rechargeable battery kit allows her the convenience of no longer needing to replace batteries or carry them around.

She says. “my hearing aids have impacted my life for the better. You don’t know what you’re missing until you have it — hearing aids was a real life changer!”

Hearing Partners has a wonderful staff.  She says, “everyone makes me feel my needs are important”.  Thanks to the audiologists, my improved hearing has helped me gain my personal confidence.