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Great professional service from soup to nuts.

Barbara Siegel our February Hearing Partner

Our February Hearing Partner: Barbara Siegel

Barbara is a mother of 3 children and a certified teacher assistant. In addition, her work as an office administrator required her to hear well on the telephone. Barbara’s hearing problem was having an adverse impact on her life and lifestyle. She knew that she did not hear well but waited to address her hearing loss until she was almost 60 never realizing how much she was missing in her day to day life.  We rely on our hearing everyday and Barbara took the first step to better hearing by scheduling an appointment with Hearing Partners.

With the help of highly trained audiologist, Dr. Phoebe Clouser and advanced technology in hearing aids, she can hear and understand conversations better than ever. With her new Oticon Opn hearing devices, she is experiencing better hearing. Her rechargeable battery kit allows her the convenience of no longer needing to replace batteries or carry them around.

She says. “my hearing aids have impacted my life for the better. You don’t know what you’re missing until you have it — hearing aids was a real life changer!”

Hearing Partners has a wonderful staff.  She says, “everyone makes me feel my needs are important”.  Thanks to the audiologists, my improved hearing has helped me gain my personal confidence.


Frank G.

True professionals. Their interest is to help you (us) hear, Dr. Matt Seldine has been helping me and doing a great job. He is truly interested in fine tuning the hearing aids I’m currently wearing. Thank you Dr. Matt. and entire staff. Hearing Partners do things right. They are not hucksters or slick salespeople like some franchises are. Frank G. Lake Worth

Robert S.

Meredith at Hearing Partners is superb in her knowledge and care of my hearing problem. Together with her assistant today – I had another pleasant hearing test.

Bea F.

Thorough examination, explained everything, pleasant office and extremely pleasant receptionist, Evie.

Dr. A. Schlein

Nimet and her staff are kind and trustworthy. I have been recommending their office for years and have never been disappointed.

Angela F.

Kelsey, Tricia, and Wendy were extremely helpful and very personable. I would highly recommend this audiology practice. Angela Field

Mary Jane R.

From the moment we walked in the door Nicholas and I felt very welcome. Walking to the door after asking to come back we were welcomed with smiles and hellos by even different ones that weren’t assisting us to go see the doctor audiologist and she was fabulous and we think we found our new hearing partner in South Florida.

Thomas O.

I was sent by the Veterans Administration to have my hearing tested by Hearing Partners of South Florida. I had completed paperwork that had been mailed prior to my appointment. This visit went smoothly. The receptionist expected me. I was tested at the scheduled time by a very capable doctor.

Leon E.

Everything was very professional from the front desk to the examiner. They make you feel welcome.

Robert S.

Stephanie and I were very impressed with Hearing Partners.

Lee K.

Dr. Seldine was very kind, knowledgeable, and capable. Very satisfied with the visit.

Michael G.

These guys are great. Very helpful and understanding.

Paul T.

I was referred by the VA. Service was good and wait time minimal. Testing was handled in a competent and  professional manner.

Anthony R.

 Every experience at Hearing Partners is very good. All the people working there are so kind and caring. Dr. Seldine is my audiologist and he is superb. 

Troy P.

 Worked me in quickly for an appointment and spent as much time as I needed to answer my questions. 

Norman P.

 Dr. Seldine is the best audiologist doctor I’ve ever been to. Caring, professional, and extremely knowledgeable…including staff. 

Marc S.

 Everybody was professional, considerate, and pleasant. They took good care of me. I felt i was in good hands, which is not always the case in every hearing center. 

Deanna M.

 I am a hearing mother of two deaf adult children and two deaf grandchildren I have had a lot of experience with hearing aids and hearing aid dealers. When I realized that I was having problems with hearing conversation and in the movie theaters I knew it was time. I feel so fortunate to have found Hearing Partners. Everyone from my Audiologist Meredith Resnick to the entire staff make the experience so comfortable. The service after you purchase the aid that is right for you and your loss is incredible. 

Myrna W.

Great service, great staff! Should have done this a long time ago.

June E.

I have been wearing hearing aids for 52 years. My mom started with Dr. Adam when she first opened 22 years ago. My mom was Dr. Adams first patient. I have been going to the DELRAY office since my mom passed 9 years ago. The service is impeccable! The staff is above and beyond the BEST! I highly recommend you choose Hearing partners in Delray Beach, Florida for your hearing needs.

Eugene L.

The staff is great! I would highly recommend this place to everyone.

Zachary S.

Great staff and very helpful. It’s always nice to go to a doctor’s office and feel comfortable and that is exactly what they do. If you need your hearing checked definitely go here!!

Michell M.

Very professional, kind I loved Evie and Dr. Z. I was very nervous going in but they put my worries too rest. The office was very clean, with the latest and greatest gadgets/tools for hearing testing. Location was very Easy to find, plenty of parking. If you have any concerns about your hearing I truly recommend them. Thank you so much to the Boynton Beach location!!!

Barbie M.

Great Office staff from first call to make appointment to Welcome to the office. The exam was very thorough and everything was explained well putting me at ease.The Doctor understood my need. He explained the costs involved prior to making changes. Overall, great experience.

Gerald B.

The entire staff from the Doctor to the receptionist was most helpful courteous, and concerned. I was seen promptly. My examination was thorough and everything was explained to me through the entire process of my hearing evaluation and choice of hearing aids. I would highly recommend them.

George Y.

I highly recommend Hearing Partners of South Florida! Great staff – helpful but not pushy, and very knowledgeable. I am hearing better than I have in years! And I am wifi connected to my phone! Amazing!

Sondra G.

First visit, Dr Adam was extremely patient , caring & more knowledgeable then any other person I’ve been too. Meredith was equally patient, caring. Most of all, trying different types of hearing aids, working hard to get me more comfortable with the severe hearing loss that I have. The entire staff are remarkable

Michael G.

I met Dr. Adam twelve years ago due to my hearing loss.  I have always been impressed by her professionalism, knowledge and empathy for myself as a person having hearing issues…Dr. Adam is by far the best medical provider that I have ever experienced.  [Hearing Partners of South Florida] has grown over the years with additional personnel directed by Dr. Adam.  They all have the same dedication for my well being.

Agnes S.

This was an incredibly great experience!  The doctor was thorough, honest, very helpful and patient.  She answered all of our questions with explanations we could understand.  All doctors, whatever their practice, should learn from her how to treat patients!

Betty H.

The staff is professional, frienly and very helpful.  I know I am getting the best care available at this time.  I feel blessed to have been lead to Hearing Partners and Meredith.

Sandy Sadowitz

Highly satisfied. Extremely competent and caring treatment. All adjustments handled quickly and efficiently. I intend to be back there shortly.

Allan S.

I have been a patient of Dr. Adam for many years. Her exam is most comprehensive and I like the fact that she takes the time to explain her findings.

Barbara Mirer

They have a wonderful staff and excellent audiologists!

Clarita Zeppie

The staff and audiologists are friendly, courteous and cheerful. My problem was a little difficult to solve but Meredith, my audiologist was persistent. As a result I have devices that are nearly invisible and work wonderfully.

David Persons

I have been a patient of Hearing Partners for a number of years and have been extremely satisfied with their care. In addition to providing the initial hearing test and advising on the best course of treatment, they have been providing quarterly follow-up care in my ears and on my devise. In fact they initiated a product exchange when it was determined that my hearing aid was not functioning properly, at no cost to me. I would recommend them highly. In fact, I’ve sent them 2 friends who did do business with them.

Kathleen Sprague Riescher

I’ve been going to Hearing Partners for over a year and everyone is very knowledgeable and friendly. The best part is that I can hear!

Alexandra H.

If you haven’t had your hearing checked or have a family member that is struggling with hearing loss of any degree Hearing Partners is the place to go!

Barbara Mirer

They have a wonderful staff and excellent audiologists!

Sharon S.

I have been a client of Hearing Partners for several years. I cannot say enough about how cooperative and wonderful the staff and audiologists have been. Without doubt they get my highest recommendation ! They are above all professional!

Joy Werblood Ashkenas

If you feel you need help with your hearing problems make this your first stop. Wonderful staff and excellent audiologist. Thank you Dr. Zinaman for all your help

Leonard Altman

Very professional. I was impressed. The doctor did not rush me and answered all my questions thoroughly. I ordered Oticon Alta 2 Pro.Hoping for a positive experience when I received them.

Alexandra Castilla Sweade

My boss has been going to Hearing partners for the past 6 months for Lyrics hearing aids. They have been providing him with exceptional service. He has had ongoing issues with his Lyrics (manufacturer problems) and they have been extremely accommodating to see him the same day to correct the issues. I highly recommend them.

Felice Vasquez

My husband and I both had an excellent experience with Hearing Partners. From day one my husband loved his hearing aids and Dr Zinaman had the sound adjusted perfectly. I on the other hand choose a different style. I tried for 2 weeks to adjust to the sound. But I only heard my own voice. I was very unhappy. Dr. Zinaman suggest that the style I had choosen was not easy to adjust to because it was molded to the ear canal, and blocked out sound. It was like living with a head cold. Dr. Zinaman being so professional and knowledgeable, suggested that I try the style my husband had purchased. So at no extra cost, Dr. Zinaman exchanged the intorable hearing aids to a pair I enjoy wearing and now I forget they are even in my ears. I also want to acknowledge Evie, his assistant. She is so charming, professional and most of all accommodating with scheduling a convenient appointment. If you have a hearing loss, please don’t wait like I did, call Hearing Partners and ask Evie for the soonest appointment. You will be so happy. Thank you Dr. Zinaman and Evie we are so grateful.

Julia Considine

I have been going to Hearing Partners for 3 years and I drive an hour from my home to continue with this group because of the excellent service from everyone in this office. If I have an emergency with my lyrics the office staff finds a way to work me in immediately on the same day if possible. Dr. Adams and Dr. Zinaman are so easy to work with and do everything possible to make sure my every need is met. Recently I went into a hyperbaric chamber for 40 days and they provided me with wonderful loaner hearing aids as I couldn’t wear my lyrics in the oxygen chamber. Everyone in this practice should receive 5 plusses for their extraordinary care and compassion for people who are struggling with hearing losses. Evie will answer the phone and she will work miracles for you to be seen with any complication you might be having. I am grateful to have found Hearing partners and will continue to drive the long distance to have them serve my hearing needs.Julie Considine

Bethany Olivares

I highly recommend this practice. My grandfather has not been hearing good for years. I remember him always telling amazing stories of his adventurous childhood and how he was the life of our family functions. But for the past 6 years he’s slowly started staying to himself when family was around and i noticed that whenever we spoke, he said “what?, speak louder, huh?”. That is no longer the case now. After his very first appointment with Hearing Partners of South Florida, he… was a changed man. I was so excited to have my grampy back. It was even more special to have him hear every word when I was at the alter marrying my best friend. He is back to being the life of family functions and I never hear him say “what? or huh?”. If you or your loved one is struggling with hearing loss, please get the help you/ they deserve. And I assure you, Hearing Partners of South Florida is the best first and only step you will need to make on you or your love ones journey to getting yours or theirs, life back. Thank you Hearing partners for giving my grandpa a new look on life.

Peggy J.

I feel very confident, I know that I’m getting the best possible care.

Julia C.

I’m seen immediately if I have a problem and they always find a great solution.  I am pleased with every aspect of this office.

Marcella P.

Dr. Nimet Adam is a very caring person and an excellent doctor.  [I have] been using her for sixteen years and think she is wonderful.