Happy Father’s Day 2017!

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June 5, 2017
June 26, 2017

Father’s Day 2017

Written By:  Meredith Resnick  M.A. CCC-A

How to get Dad to do something about his hearing?

          Father’s Day is an annual celebration to honor dad for all his hard work, support, dedication, and love he’s given us over the years. It’s time to get together with family near and far to laugh, eat, and tell stories.   It’s also during the holiday’s that hearing difficulties can become more apparent.  Family members are often the first to notice hearing loss in a loved one and witness a loved one’s withdrawal from social situations because of hearing difficulties.  Men are more than five times more likely to suffer from hearing loss according to John Hopkins University.  This is most likely related to noise related careers.

The first step to get your father to do something about his hearing is to give him a subtle respectful hint to have a hearing test.  Untreated hearing loss has been attributed to causing anxiety, isolation, depression, balance issues, and other health-related problems. (March 2014, JAMA O-HNS).

The great news about treating hearing loss is hearing aid technology has been able to provide great benefit and comfort to most people with hearing loss.  There is technology that is invisible, rechargeable, and worn in even the most difficult, noisy situations.  The newest technology is a made for iPhone hearing aid that allows people to enjoy wireless connection to your iPhone (and other smart devices) and stream TV shows and movies (with use of a TV adapter).  This will allow Dad to enjoy his favorite baseball game or movie with direct streaming to his hearing aids.

Please help improve Dad’s quality of life with the GIFT of HEARING!  Call Hearing Partners of South Florida to schedule dad’s complimentary screening and Free listening experience today!

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