How can your cell phone enhance your hearing device experience?

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May 22, 2017
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June 12, 2017

How can your cell phone enhance your hearing device experience?

 Written by: Phoebe Clouser Au.D

                In today’s day and age, cell phones are a big part of everyday life.  Most people now depend on a cell phone to talk with friends and family.  When you have a hearing loss, the simple joy of making a phone call can become stressful.  Those with a hearing loss often fear they will not be able to hear their grandchildren or their friend from up north, and they slowly lose contact.   However, with today’s technology and with the help of an application called SonicCloud, you no longer have to worry about not understanding the phone conversation.   You can once again bring back the enjoyment of catching up with your loved ones over the phone.

SonicCloud is an application on your cell phone (currently only available on Apple iPhones) that is designed to improve phone conversations.  The processing is based on your individual hearing loss across a broad range of frequencies.  Each ear gets a different sonic signal based on the ear’s hearing loss.  All phone calls are different, whether it’s a young child, a soft-spoken sibling, or a friend with a foreign accent, but all calls should be heard with optimized sound.  SonicCloud gives you an opportunity to create hearing profiles based on who you are talking to.  This optimal processing is available with or without hearing devices. 

If you do have Bluetooth in your hearing devices, or are considering purchasing hearing aids with Bluetooth capabilities, you can stream the enhanced phone calls directly to your hearing aids.  The phone will ring, and when you answer, the phone conversation will be delivered directly through your hearing aids.  A hand-free, stress-free situation. 

There are also other applications available to improve your hearing aid experience.  Many hearing aid companies, including Oticon, Widex and Resound now offer an application that controls many aspects of the hearing aids by a simple click of a button on your cell phone.  You now have the capability to use your phone as a remote for your hearing devices.  You can  turn the hearing aids up or down, mute the devices or change to a restaurant program.  It’s easier than ever.  




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