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November 19, 2016
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December 28, 2016

Holiday Gifts for your Friends and Family with Hearing Loss.

The Holidays are here and the gift buying is in full effect. If you have a friend or family member with hearing loss we have compiled a list of gifts they might LOVE to receive.



An extremely popular 2016 gift in hearing technology. These are wireless, in-ear device that will enhance your listening experience. These hearables are not necessarily made for hearing loss but they have made a big impact in the hearing market.


Vibrating Alarm Clock.

Living with hearing loss can make even the simplest things a challenge. Not being able to hear your alarm in the morning or an alarm to take your medication, or for an appointment. There is a vibrating alarm clock that connects to your Bluetooth enabled cell phone by SmartShaker. You set the alarm, stick it under your pillow and forget about it!


Wake-Up Light Alarm Clock

There is another idea for an alarm clock for someone with hearing loss, the Philips light up alarm clock. It uses colored sunrise simulation to wake you up gradually with natural light.


Wifi Digital Doorbell

Skybell has made a digital doorbell with features perfect for the hard of hearing. You receive an alert right to your phone when someone rings your doorbell. It even has a video feature that could come in handy for the hard of hearing.


TV Listening Devices

Watching Television with hearing loss can be frustrating when you can’t understand what is being said or its not loud enough. There are multiple TV listening devices available to make it more enjoyable.

TV Ears*: These Are wireless headphones that stream from your television. You can make the televisions louder and more clear without effecting others listening experience at the same time. These can be used with or without your hearing devices.

Connect Line TV Box*: This connects through Bluetooth directly to your hearing device. They can connect with or without streamers depending on the brand of your current hearing devices.

*We carry these in our offices.


Kidzsafe Insert Ear buds that we carry in office, limit the output you’re listening to so that the level is not damaging. These would be great for the teenagers in your life with hearing loss.


Captioned Phones

Hearing and understanding people on the phone is a struggle most people with hearing loss deal with and is very frustrating. There are multiple brands of captioned phones like: *CaptionCall and *Captel. The family member or friend that is in need just needs a signed hearing loss form from an audiologist and the internet connection and the phones are FREE.

*If you are interested or have questions please feel free to call either office.

Delray Beach: 561.638.6530 Boynton Beach: 561.736.6002


Smart Jewelry

Hearing your cell phone ring, messages, emails, or alerts with a hearing loss can be hard. To give the family member or friend with hearing loss peace of mind they won’t miss those calls, texts, or alerts there is smart jewelry.

One brand; Trellie Smart Jewelry will vibrate and/or light up when an important call or message comes into your phone and looks stylish. Another good option is a Smart watch, they can vibrate and light up when you receive calls, texts, or alerts to your phone.


Stocking stuffers you can get in our offices would be; batteries, filters, domes, custom molds or earplugs, and dehumidifiers for their hearing devices.


Happy Holidays to all!

If you have any questions or would like to purchase some of the gifts and stocking stuffers mentioned in this post feel free to stop in or call either office!

Delray Beach: 561.638.6530   Boynton Beach: 561.736.6002


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