Hearing Loss Linked with Dementia-Related Neuropathology

Communication Strategies
December 1, 2020
Ring in the New Year with Resolutions for Better Hearing and Brain Health!
January 3, 2021

By Dr. Nimet Adam

According to a recent study published in Neurology (bit.ly/neuro-burden), researchers from the University of California San Francisco analyzed data from 2,755 autopsies of adults 55 years or older.  Clinicians looked at those individuals that reported hearing loss prior to diagnosis of cognitive impairment. Impaired hearing was associated with higher Braak stage and development of impaired hearing in those with cognitive impairment was associated with neocortical Lewy bodies.  Willa Brenowitz from the Weill Institute for Neuroscience stated the following:  “We are particularly curious about the association of hearing loss prior to dementia onset with tau, and whether hearing loss could be used as part of a screening tool to predict dementia in patients or help identify those who should be followed-up for cognitive decline.”

Hearing Partners has been offering the Cognivue Thrive as a baseline screening tool for patients to assess cognitve health. We believe that prevention is better than cure and that patients should have a baseline of their cognitive function.  Cognitive health is something that health professionals are not talking about until the patient experiences symptoms of cognitive decline.  At that point it may be too late to reverse the damage.  Learning how lifestyle changes could help prevent, reduce or delay cognitive decline is something that has to happen before symptoms occur.  If you care about your brain health and want to learn more, call Hearing Partners to schedule a consultation with one of our Audiologists.

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