November Hearing Champion!

Association of Hearing Loss and Falling
October 23, 2017
Florida Health Care News: Enjoy Life, Hear Better.
November 9, 2017

Hearing Champion

Diane Anderson

We would like to introduce our November Hearing Champion, Diane Anderson!

Diane has struggled with a hereditary hearing loss since she was in 4th grade. Hearing loss ran on her mother’s side, so she grew up with her mother and grandmother struggling with hearing loss. Thankfully because of their awareness, they caught her loss very early. She has been with Hearing Partners for 17 years! Diane has an 80% loss, “Hearing aids help you to be the best you can be, and allow me to do the things I want.” Diane can now continue to travel and have an active life, because without her hearing devices she would hear nothing.

Diane has always enjoyed Dance. She learned at a young age to compensate for her hearing loss. She danced all her adolescent career then went on to teach dance. She enjoys all fine arts, so she also worked in interior design and visual display management. She wears Oticon hearing devices and is amazed and impressed in how far technology in hearing devices has come, “What an age to be alive with hearing loss and this technology we have now, I wish my grandmother could have experienced it.” Diane started her hearing journey young enough that she now is an advocate for doctors of audiology stating, “You have to have your hearing tested and treated by a Doctor of Audiology it makes a HUGE difference, trust me, I know.” We love to share Diane’s story, and she told us her favorite part of Hearing Partners of South Florida is “They’re always friendly and welcoming, they’re passionate about helping people find the right hearing technology for their loss.”


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