Are You Connected?

June 26, 2017
The T Coil.. Did you Know?
July 24, 2017

Are you connected?

Written by: Tricia Alvaro, Certified Audiology Assistant.


Do you watch TV, make phone calls, video chat or listen to music? Then you need to be connected!  Your hearing aids can help you do this.  There is a whole line of accessories to do this for you.   You can listen to your family, TV, or music through your hearing aids, just like your own personal headset.

Bluetooth connects your devices to each other using radio waves instead of wires or cables. This enables you to move around freely while the sound goes directly into your ears.  This helps you understand speech better, whether listening to TV, on the phone or even a restaurant setting.

Imagine listening to your family and friends easier on the telephone by having their voice in both of your ears. This, in fact, heightens your ability of understanding speech.  Your phone can either be in front of you on a table, held in your hand or even in your pocket.

Do you and your partner or family argue about the TV volume? The volume of the Television can be turned down in the home or even on mute. The TV can now connect directly to your hearing aids and into your ears.  You will have the ability to control the volume individually without affecting the TV volume in the room.

Restaurants or meetings are a struggle for a lot of people. Microphones that people can wear or simply lay in the center of the table help tremendously.  It focuses on the speaker or speakers at the table and puts the sound directly into your ears.

Now by simply “pairing” your hearing devices to an accessory, they can become Bluetooth connected.


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